Key Chains
Key Chains

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Bamboo Keychain Size - 4.5 x 4.5 cm
Bamboo Keychain Oval Size - 5 x 3 cm
Bamboo Keychain Size - 4.3 x 3 cm
Bamboo Keychain Diameter - 3.7cm
Bamboo Keychain Size - 4 x 3.5 cm

People often find it difficult to recall where they have kept their keys. They might even end up losing their keys which causes immense trouble. The best solution is to have your keys attached to a keychain. We at Shanghai Gifts are wholesalers of beautiful, yet sturdy bamboo keychains. They are a wonderful budget-friendly gift option that we offer in bulk. Our bamboo keychains are ideal gifts and since they are eco friendly, they show that you care for the environment. Having your brand logo