Stress Ball
Stress Ball

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ANTL Stress -Round Flat Surface Size: 7 cm Colour: White
Football Shape Stress Ball Colour: Black & White
Heart-Shaped ANTL- Stress squlshy Size: 7x7 cm Colour: Red
Qube Shape Stress Ball Size: 5.3 cm Colour: Red, White, Blue, Black
Round Stress Ball Size: 7 cm Colour: Green, Red, White, Blue, Orange
Rugby Ball Shape Stress Ball Size: 10.5x8 cm Colour: White

We are a leading supplier of Anti Stress Ball in whole of Dubai. Our products are available in at very pocket friendly prices and we are also known for our outstanding quality. So, in other words we have a lot to offer.

There is no doubt that anti-stress balls make lovely and useful given that due to the hectic lifestyle people are undergoing heavy stress and these would certainly help. You do not have to worry about buying boring products as we stock interesting products that are designed by talented designers. We bear in mind the current trends and preferences of our customers and we deliver accordingly.

You do not have worry about the quality too as we put our products through several quality checks before putting them out for sale. Keep visiting our website and you will newer varieties of this product each time that is how we set ourselves apart from the other stores, we always have something new to offer.

Are you interested in buying multiple pieces at the same time? Great we can arrange that for you too. We offer attractive discounts on bulk quantities.

These Make Fabulous Promotional Gifts

That’s right, if you are going to use gifts to promote your company then you have to make sure that the gifts create an impression on the recipient. Anti-stress balls are just perfect for creating a positive impact. We can go an extra mile and customize these for you by printing your company’s name on them or we can also print a motivational message on them.

What Are The Benefits

  • Working professionals often complain about stress induced by late working hours and workload, these items can help to reduce stress by leaps and bounds. When we undergo stress, the blood flow in our body gets disrupted and these anti-stress balls can help to reduce that.
  • These also help the muscles in our body to get exercise, specially, the hands and wrist and they help the muscles in these areas stay relaxed.
  • People suffering from hypertension also feel a great deal of relief after using these stress balls.

So, by now you have realized that these anti-stress balls make wonderful promotional gifts. All you have to do is get in touch with us with your requirements and we will get back to you at the earliest. We look forward to serving you in the best possible way.